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Welcome to B&G Team Coaching, where we build success through collaboration and growth! Our team coaching services are designed to empower your organization by harnessing the collective potential of your teams, cultivating synergy, and achieving remarkable results.

At B&G, we understand that a high-performing team is the cornerstone of every thriving business. That's why we offer a comprehensive suite of tailored coaching programs meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of your teams. Our experienced and highly skilled coaches are dedicated to guiding your teams toward greatness, leveraging their diverse expertise and proven methodologies.

With B&G Team Coaching, you can expect an immersive and transformative experience. We believe in creating a safe, inclusive space that encourages open communication, collaboration, and trust. Our coaches will work closely with your teams, fostering a deep understanding of their dynamics, strengths, and areas for improvement. We facilitate effective team communication, conflict resolution, and decision-making through engaging workshops, thought-provoking exercises, and interactive discussions


Let's explore the five distinct phases of the E-Team Coaching Model:

Step 1 - Evaluate Team Needs:

We begin by thoroughly assessing your team's needs and aspirations. Through a collaborative process involving the team leader, sponsor, and key stakeholders, our team coach delves deep into understanding your team's dynamics and desired accomplishments. By asking powerful questions, conducting assessments, and utilizing relevant tools, we uncover what your team needs to be, have, and become.

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Step 2 - Establish Team Goals and Outcomes:

With a clear understanding of your team's aspirations, our skilled coaches guide your team in defining specific goals and outcomes. We facilitate a dialogue that unites the team around a shared vision, establishing rules of engagement, norms, measurable goals, and actionable steps toward success.

Step 3 - Extract and Exhibit the New Team Behaviors:

In this pivotal phase, our team coach assists your team in identifying the behaviors necessary to achieve your goals. We evaluate the team dynamics and culture, identifying what behaviors support or hinder progress. Through various tools, assessments, and team development modalities, we guide your team in embracing new behaviors while letting go of counterproductive habits. The result is a decisive shift in individual and collective behavior that aligns with your team's desired outcomes.

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Step 4 - Examine the Team's Progress:

With the adoption of new behaviors, our team coach supports your team in assessing their progress. We help you evaluate how effectively these new behaviors are being exhibited and measure their impact on team dynamics and the achievement of goals. We gather valuable insights through ongoing observations, feedback, and assessment tools, enabling us to fine-tune the coaching process for maximum results.

Step 5 - Entrench the Learnings:

In the final phase, our team coach helps your team firmly establish the new behaviors as an integral part of your team's culture and operations. We guide you in recognizing the success achieved in developing these behaviors and habits, and we empower your team to take ownership of the transformation process. By implementing post-coaching programs and self-governing systems, your team ensures the sustainability of these positive changes. Through regular evaluations, check-ins, and establishing a team charter, your team maintains and reinforces the new behaviors independently, with the option of future engagements with our team coach as a courtesy.

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At B&G Team Coaching, we are committed to your team's long-term success. Our E-Team Coaching Model catalyzes growth, synergy, and lasting impact. By synchronizing the power of our renowned team coaching services with the transformative E-Team Coaching Model, we offer a holistic approach that drives your team toward excellence.

Our expert team coaches provide personalized guidance throughout the coaching journey, ensuring that the E-Team Coaching Model aligns seamlessly with your team's unique needs, goals, and culture. We understand that true transformation takes time and dedication, which is why the duration of this model ranges from 6 to 9 months. We adapt our approach based on what the sponsor is willing to invest in, the current state of your team, the desired destination, and the team culture. This flexibility allows us to tailor the coaching experience to your team's requirements, fostering a sustainable and positive impact.

The E-Team Coaching Model's transition from one phase to another is determined by what the group feels and agrees they have accomplished in each stage. Our team coach guides your team throughout this process, providing support and guidance as needed. If there is a need to revisit previous phases to reinforce learning or address specific challenges, our coach ensures that the transition is fluid and progressive.

By following the E-Team Coaching Model, your team embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery, collaboration, and growth. We evaluate your team's needs, establish clear goals and outcomes, extract and exhibit new behaviors, examine progress, and entrench the learnings. This comprehensive approach creates a solid foundation for your team's ongoing success and allows them to achieve remarkable results.

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