The B&G Mentor Coaching Program

The Mentor Coaching Program offered by B&G Consultants Limited is designed to provide aspiring Mentee Coaches with professional assistance in achieving and demonstrating the levels of coaching competency required for their desired credential level. This program aligns with the high standards set by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and focuses specifically on enhancing coaching skills.

As part of the ICF credentialing application or renewal process, completing 10 hours of Mentor Coaching is a requirement for every ICF Professional. This collaborative and dialogued process plays a vital role in improving coaching skills, aligning them with the ICF Core Competencies, and showcasing the coach's knowledge, skill, and commitment to ethical and professional standards.

The Mentor Coaching process serves as a valuable resource to help mentees excel in their coaching journey. Operating over a minimum period of three months, this program allows for a comprehensive cycle of listening, feedback, reflection, and practice. Mentees benefit from the guidance and insights of experienced Mentor Coaches, enabling them to grow and develop their coaching competency and capability.

At B&G Consultants Limited, we understand the importance of focusing on coaching skills rather than unrelated topics or practice building. Our Mentor Coaching Program is dedicated to helping mentees achieve their desired ACC or PCC credential level by honing their coaching capabilities.

Our Approach

The Program offers both Individual and Group Mentor Coaching Programs

1) Individual Mentor Coaching (1:1):

All 10 hours of mentor coaching will be conducted individually by the Mentor Coach.

2) Group Mentor Coaching:

The group mentor coaching program accommodates 2-10 people. Three of the 10 mentoring hours will be one-on-one sessions with the mentor coach, while the remaining seven hours will be part of the group mentoring program.

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To participate in the Mentor Coaching Program, the investment required for each program option is as follows:

a) Individual Mentor Coaching: US$ 1,000.00
b) Group Mentor Coaching for 3-6 people: US$ 800.00 per person
c) Group Mentor Coaching for 7-10 people: US$ 600.00 per person


George Nuthu, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) credentialed Professional Certified Coach (PCC), leads the Mentor Coaching Program. With over 13 years of experience in the coaching industry, George is the Director of Education at B&G Coaching Centre. He has mentored over 500 coaches and is recognized as a prominent figure in coaching education across the region. In addition, George serves as the Chief Examiner of the Certified Professional Coaching Course of CDI-Africa Group in Kenya and as a Mentor Coach for the Centre of Core Coaching in Nigeria and CDI-Africa Group in Kenya.

George's mentor coaching approach reflects his dedication to helping coaches develop their skills and reach their full potential. He employs a collaborative and dialogued process that emphasizes the coach's capability development and alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. George's appreciative and supportive style focuses on assisting coaches in leveraging their strengths while addressing areas for improvement, enabling them to become well-rounded and competent professionals.

As a Registered ICF Mentor Coach, George is passionate about helping coaches meet the high ethical and professional standards required by the ICF. His approach enables coaches to achieve and demonstrate these competencies and ethical codes. His mentor coaching sessions are designed to deepen the coach's understanding and application of the ICF Competencies. He provides valuable tips and techniques for executing these competencies with the highest level of excellence.

With extensive experience and expertise, George is highly regarded as a mentor coach and a leading figure in the coaching industry. His profound knowledge, passion for coaching, and commitment to developing coaches' capabilities make him an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their coaching skills and achieve their professional coaching goals.

The Mentor Coaching Program offered by B&G Consultants Limited, under George's guidance, provides a valuable opportunity for mentee coaches to receive professional assistance, align with ICF standards, and demonstrate their coaching competency. Through a comprehensive approach that combines theoretical knowledge, practical application, and individualized feedback, this program equips coaches with the necessary tools to excel in their coaching practice and pursue ICF credentials.

By investing in the Mentor Coaching Program, mentees will embark on a credentialing or renewal journey that will enhance their coaching skills and contribute to their long-term success in the coaching industry.


B&G Consultants Ltd

“George is a Great Mentor Coach & Super Coach too! I interacted closely with him when he was preparing me for my Coaching Accreditation (ACC Level) as my Mentor Coach. He is a seasoned Mentor Coach, very knowledgeable and experienced on the ICF competencies. He is super diligent in his delivery and examination. Very passionate about driving impact through coaching. If you're seeking a Mentor Coach to prepare you for your coaching credentials, look no further!”

ACC Strategic Leadership Catalyst - Strategy Execution Consultant - ICF Associate Certified Coach

B&G Consultants Ltd

“George was my mentor coach for the ICF certification process. He is a resourceful, wise and fun person to work with, not only because of his great insights borne from his coaching experience, but also because he is passionate about what he does. I always looked forward to our sessions together and I believe anyone seeking to work on earning their coaching credential would be delighted to work with him.”

ACC Career & Life Design Educator - Personal & Professional Development Coach

B&G Consultants Ltd

“George is an exceptional mentor coach. His passion and commitment to the coaching profession is very obvious in his way of work and interactions during the process; you definitely want to work with a mentor like George. He embodies active listening, asks powerful questions, is super present and helps you draw out your own learning in an easy way that doesn’t leave you feeling dumb. He has such rich experience to learn from, effectively models the core competencies and is full of humor. I totally enjoyed the mentor coaching sessions with George in preparation for my ACC application, very deep conversations filled with aha moments! His attention to detail and clarity on expectations has helped me polish my own practice as a coach. I now have greater motivation towards ongoing learning to improve myself both professionally and also in my personal life.”

ACC - Organization Development - Leadership & Personal Development Coach

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